"There is suppression launched against any free energy
inventor who succeeds or is very close to succeeding."

Thomas Bearden

A Summary of Research - Patrick G. Bailey
Aether control
Alexander V. Frolov - Free Energy
Alpha Fusion Electrical Energy
Aspden - Power from Magnetism
Atmospheric electricity - Plauson
Bearden - The Final Secret
Bearden - The world energy crisis
Bedini - Free Energy Generator
Bedini - Simple Science Fair Motor
Blackwaves - Gerry Vassilatos
Currents of high Potential - Nikola Tesla
Cold Fusion Summary
Cold Fusion
Cold War Technology - Gerry Vassilatos
Depalma - Quivalence engine (1)
Depalma - Quivalence engine (2)
Depalma - Quivalence engine (3)
DePalmer - Secret of the faraday disc
Detection of Ether
Donald Smith
Earth Battery for generating Electricity
Earth Battery for Electric Clocks
Earth battery. July 3, 1984
Earth Battery
Earth Currents
Earth energy
Edward Leedskalnin
Electric Battery - Stubblefield
Electric Pile Earth Battery
Electrical Earth Battery
Electrical Generating Apparatus
Electrical stimulation for wound healing
Electricity and Magnetism 1
Electricity and Magnetism 2
Electricity from the sky
Electrogravitics - Paul A. LaViolette,
Electrogravitics - Valone
Electrokinetic apparatus - T T Brown
Electromagnetic energy
Electromagnetic Weapons
Energy book - Patrik J Kelly
Ether Physics
Flux switching 1
Flux switching 2
Franklin and Electrostatics
Free Energy - Bedini
Free Energy Electronic Circuit
Free energy free energy circuit
Free energy free energy projects
Free Energy Revolution
Free energy Tesla fuel less motor
Generating A  Gravitational Force Field
Get a Straight Answer
Ground Generator of Electricit
Ground Radio
Guidelines to Bucking Coils
Hearing through wires
Hendershot Lester J
Hendershot Motor Mystery
Hendershot Motor
Hendershot Mystery
History of magnetism
How an EM circuit powers its load
Improvements in Telegraph cables
Inside the Philadelphia Experiment
John Keel - Operation Trojan Horse
Joseph Newman
Karl Schappeller
Kunel patient
Magnetic Energy - Free Energy
Magnetic Motor
Magnetic Resonance
Magnetic Resonant Amplifier
Magnetic Current- Edward Leedskalnin
Method for generating electricity
Moray -  College_Speech
Moray -  Notes 01-05-1955
Moray -  Page 12 from second edition
Moray - 6KHz-output
Moray - 26th Intersociety Speech
Moray - Betz 05-25-1954
Moray - Burridge 1955
Moray - edition1
Moray - edition2
Moray - edition3
Moray - Energy Source
Moray - Noffsinger 01-08-1984
Moray - Patent Drawing
Moray - Polly 11-03-1936
Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
Multiple Wave Oscillator - Lakhovsky
Multiwave Oscillator Review
Nathan B Stubblefield
New Energy Technology
New Process for Generating Electricity
New Energy Technology
New Process for Generating Electricity
On Physical Lines of Force Maxwell
Oscillation Receiver
Philadelphia  Experiment
Pine Gap
Plauson - Conversion of Atmospheric
Power from Magnetism-  Harold Aspden
PPMT technology white paper
Practical Transformer Handbook
Project Winterhaven
Radial Dirods
Radiant Energy - Perreault
Radiant Energy - Valone
Radiant Energy and Over-Unity
Radiant Energy System
Radioactive vacuum tube
Solid State overunity devices
Solid state Tesla Coil
Steam Steel and Electricity
Steven Mark - Toroidal Power Unite  2007
Steven Mark - TPU Compilation
Steven Mark - TPU
Steven Mark 1
Steven Mark 2
Steven Marks - Writings and analysis
Steven Mark-TPU Compilation
Storage Battery
Stubblefield - Wireless Telephone
Suppressed Technologies - Saunders
Tesla - Coil electromagnets
The Awesome Life Force - Joseph H. Carter
The Detection of Ether
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
The evidence of scalar waves
The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity
The Hendershot Motor Mystery
The Hunt for Zero Point - Nick Cook
The Karl Schappeller Device
The Philadelphia Experiment 1
The Philadelphia Experiment 2
The Secret of Life- Georges Lakhovsky
The Secret of The J-Cell
The World Of Free Energy
Theories of Aether and Electricity...
Tom Valone - Electromagnetic Healing
True Cathode Rays
TV and Monitor CRT Information
Underground & Underwater Radio
Vacuum Energy - Floyd Sweet
Viktor Schauberger- Living Energies
Violet Ray Healing
Water Fuel Cell


"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power
obtainable at any point in the universe. Through space there is
energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes
are in vain; if kinetic - and this we know it is for certain
- then it is a mere question of time when men will
succeed in attaching their machinery to
the very wheelwork of nature."

Nikola Tesla 1898