"The United Nations is a permanent international snake pit
where godless communism is given a daily forum for hate,
recrimination, psychological warfare against freedom
and unrelenting moral regression against peace."

Laurence H Smith Wisconsin Congressman 1955


Agenda 21 - Just the facts
Communist Background of UN
Concentration Camps in America
Depopulation of the Masses Has Begun
Globalisms Siren Song
Report from Iron Mountain
Satans Counterfeit Millennium
Sustainable Development
The Satanic Temple
The UN Charter
The UN-American United Nations
The United Nations Global Government
UN Concentration CampsĀ  in America
Understanding Satan's Plan
World Government
World population plan


"The United Nations is the greatest fraud in all History.
Its purpose is to destroy the United States."

Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976,
killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that
was shot down by the Soviets