Nuggets Of Wisdom On How To Move From Lack To Financial Freedom with Mogomotsi Patrick France(EP 31)

June 25, 2021 by No Comments

In this episode of Mogobe’s Nuggets Of Wisdom Podcast, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Attorney and Property Investor Mompoloki Lerumo Mogobe interviews Co- Founder And Executive Director At Key Wealth and Financial Expert Mogomotsi Patrick France. Together they drop knowledge on How To Move From Lack To Financial Freedom and the Nuggets are as follows :

1. What’s your story about life
2. If you are born poor is not your fault
3. Review your habits (including financial habits)
4. Use repetition to build new habits
5. Create a financial plan and create a picture you want to achieve
6. Learn the difference between being rich and being wealthy.
7. Develop a mindset that creates wealth
8. Leverage your resources to create multiple streams of income and leverage debt
9. Be a contrarian
10. Nothing will change unless you change.
11. Bonus:Travel and be exposed, it will ignite your creativity